This live online event took place on 10th June 2021

You can rewatch the different sections of the day below or the full webinar that includes further discussions here

Opening Address

Georgia Dean

Creativity, innovation, and inquiry based critical thinking, through digitally integrated experiential learning.

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Roundtable 1

Digital Skills, Creativity in Curriculum Design, Engagement and Delivery

Junior aged (3-11 years)

Ronan McNicholl, Katie Wells, Scott Hall, Kristina Hertzig & Edufuturists

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Roundtable 2

Digital Skills, Creativity in Curriculum Design, Engagement and Delivery

Senior aged (11-18 years)

Lawrence Tijjani, Kelly Mildenhall, Jonny Regan, Jess Marsh, Kate Cheal & Edufuturists

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Roundtable 3

Moving Forward Together; Post COVID leadership perspective, challenges opportunities

Ian Philips, Jane Prescott, James Wilding, Claudette Salmon & Edufuturists

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Speakers & Panelists

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Conversations on the day covered digital skills development with a panel of experts from the world of education and we were also joined by representatives from Google for Education. Delegates at this free to attend event secured insights on impactful approaches to digital teaching and learning that can be applied to enhance creativity in curriculum design. Delegates also heard from educators who are meeting the challenges of engagement whilst ensuring the delivery of an inclusive curriculum in a world that has radically changed.